"Soganic straws"

” Soganic Straws is owned by  SJC-GLOBAL COMPANY LIMITED, our product is Eco-friendly, all-natural, a good alternative to plastic straws and ensure the health of consumers”.

Address: Building no 25, 268/58 Ngoc Thuy, Long Bien, Ha Noi

Contact Number:   (+84) 090 345 5525 (Tiếng Việt/English)

                              (+84) 039 467 7249 (English)

Email: sales@soganic.com.vn






Grass straws

  • 100% Natural.
  • NO preservatives.
  • NO Additives.
  • NO Toxic chemicals or heavy metals.
  • Farmed sustainably.
  • Advantages over other straws.
  • – ZERO Plastic
  • – Does not get soggy, in fact the longer it is in a drink the better it becomes.
  • – Single use, no need to worry whether it has been cleaned properly.

About us


The idea for the company first came about when we went on holiday in 2018, down the central coast of Vietnam and saw the huge amounts of plastic pollution on the shores. Where beautiful bays and beaches were now littered with plastic waste robbing them of their appeal. Since this trip we have been looking into and researching different environmentally friendly alternatives to various plastic products.


It was while doing this research that we came across an article about a small business in the Mekong Delta that were harvesting wild Grey sedge to produce 100% natural grass straws. After contacting the company, we went to go have a look at the product and process in which the straws are made. We were intrigued by the whole operation, from this point on all our spare time was spent researching Grey sedge.


As we are based in the north of Vietnam and the Mekong being in the south, the raw materials were rather far away, then idea to grow the grass in the north began to take shape. And so, we went on the search for areas with the wetland conditions we needed. After negotiating with a few farmers in the Red River delta, we planted a few test blocks, and so we found our spot in a small village called Tao Xa in Thai Binh province.