Features of grass straws

– Advantages of grass straws
+ Environmentally friendly
The outstanding advantage of grass straws is that the product is completely environmentally friendly. This is the feature that makes this product have a strong foothold in the market for many years with the decomposition process in a short time, completely harmless to the environment because the product is 100% natural.

+ No harm to consumers’ health

There are absolutely no chemicals in the processing process, so the grass straws are safe for users.

High hardness:

Grass straws can be used in hot or cold drinks without any deformation.

+ Preserve the full flavor of the drink:

The advantage of environmentally friendly grass straws is that it does not lose the taste of the drink

Even using a grass straw will help you feel the taste of the drink more deliciously.

– Disadvantages of grass straws
Grass straws can only be used for a period of 9 months to 1 year.

Limited color only natural green of grass

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